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Save time, cut costs, and stay connected with Bulk SMS messaging from as little as E50; suitable for all communities, industries and business sectors.

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Once you have signed up for your FREE account, load your contacts either as single entries or using our bulk upload method. Purchase a suitable SMS bundle and send messages as follows:

Get Started on Tfumela Bulk Messaging
  1. Type your SMS message (up to 640 characters) similar to how you would compose an email. The system will let you know how many characters you have left whilst you are typing the message.
  2. Select the contacts you want to send the message to.
  3. Click ‘Send Message’ and your messages will be sent.
  4. You will receive a notification of how many messages were successfully sent.
  5. You can view your reports to see which contacts did not receive the SMS sent.

Get Started

Get Started in 6 Easy Steps

Tfumela Bulk Messaging allows you to send a single SMS to a number of contacts at once in order to reach all your contacts whether they have internet access or not. Get your FREE Account by following these steps:


Sign Up

for a free account.


Load Contacts

to send to from your .csv or .txt file.


Load Bundle

from our range of SMS bundles.


Pay for Bundle

using available options.


Send Messages

as general or customised messages.


View Reports

on the message delivery status.